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Hypnotic gastric band

Hypnotic gastric band aka virtual gastric band or gastric band hypnosis – the revolutionary new procedure for natural weight loss is described below. Only a few elite clinics in the world provide this or a similar service. Established and developed in Philadelphia, PA, by the Medical Doctor and clinical hypnotist Victor Tsan this treatment became highly demanded by people who are looking for a safe and natural way to lose weight.

Obesity is one of the most complicated medical conditions, which affects a large population of the world. This can be caused as a result of overeating or as a sign of an underlying medical condition such as hypertension. Effectively treating people with obesity has been an age-long problem owing to the fact that they may have hypersensitivity to the drugs, and the nature of the body may lead to some deleterious side effects that end up doing more harm than the intended good. After a series of researches on the nature of obesity as a medical condition, Victor Tsan, MD, came up with the hypnotic gastric band as complex medical hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Victor was a hypnotherapist and medical doctor whose hypnotherapy for weight loss through the use of gastric band hypnosis and stomach band alternatives is gaining more and more acceptance as one of the most effective and harmless treatments for people who are suffering from obesity.

Hypnotic Gastric Band

What is gastric band hypnosis?

When it comes to weight loss, there is no gainsaying the fact that gastric band surgeries or bariatric surgery have been popular as a common treatment measure. In this surgical procedure, an inflatable silicone device is placed around the top portion of the stomach with the aim of decreasing the size of the stomach and assisting the individual in losing weight. By implanting this silicone device in the stomach, a small pouch is created at the top of the stomach, which is large enough to accommodate half a cup of food. A normal human stomach is expected to hold 5-6 cups of food. When this pouch is filled up with food, it slows down the passage of food into the lower part of the stomach. The moment the pouch is filled up with food, it sends a false signal to the brain, alerting it that the stomach is full. Using the silicone implant makes the individual feels hungry less often and also eats small quantities of food, thus assisting them in losing weight.

Despite the fact that this procedure is safe and easy, it also comes with some form of risk, such as cost, which presents itself as a potential barrier to the people. In a bid to take care of these risks and challenges, the hypnotic gastric band was created. It is hypnotherapy for weight loss whereby a hypnotherapist conditions the human mind to believe it has undergone the surgical procedure. This is one of the perfect stomach band alternatives, which rather than putting you under the knife, guides you into a trance and takes you through the procedure and conditions your mind to think it is actually taking place. After the hypnotherapy procedure, your body feels as if it has actually undergone the actual process and thus brings the subconscious mind to a point where your entire body behaves as if you have actually received the surgery.

It should be noted that the subconscious mind plays a vital role in the control of your automatic habits such as eating. Once it is meant to believe that you are no longer capable of eating too much because of a silicone device placed in your stomach, it acts to reduce your appetite and the total amount of food taken on a daily basis.

Although your conscious mind is aware of the fact that you have not gone under the knife, it has no effect whatsoever on what the subconscious mind thinks because each part of the mind can function independently.

Benefits of Hypnotic gastric band

By undergoing the hypnosis for gastric band, you will enjoy the following benefits:

The hypnotic gastric band is safer

When it comes to the treatment of obesity, gastric band hypnosis is the best option because it comes with little or no side effects whatsoever. It doesn’t put the body under any form of stress through surgical operations rather, it presents a safe method with lower risk and a better outcome. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is the safest method of treating your obesity since it conditions the mind to act accordingly.

The hypnotic gastric band is less restrictive on how long you chew your food:

Gastric band surgeries have a way of affecting how you chew your food owing to the fact that only a small portion of the stomach receives the food. While gastric band surgeries increase the total amount of time rewired to chew your food, hypnosis for gastric band allows you to chew your food as you normally would.

The hypnotic gastric band is cheaper:

Hypnotherapy for weight loss comes at a cheaper and lesser price than undergoing a real surgical operation. It doesn’t require you to break your financial status before you can carry out the procedure.

How effective is the Hypnotic gastric band?

There are several weight loss treatments and therapies, and the manufacturers or service providers will make you believe theirs is the best solution to your weight challenge. While these procedures may be effective, there is always a challenge with addressing the real cause of the weight gain; overeating. It is quite hard to turn off your emotional and physiological aspects which are mainly responsible for weight gain. At the moment, all the procedures in the market can only try to achieve this feat.

The use of the Hypnotic gastric band as a form of therapy may assist the individual in losing some weight, but there is a great probability of going back to your habit of overeating. This is evident even in the actual surgical procedure since the individuals may end up stretching their boundaries to eat more than they can take. The main challenge with the emotional and physiological attributes of overeating is that it may return again once precautionary measures are not taken into cognizance since the body has been wired for a craving for food at all times. The individual may end up seeking solace in the arms of overeating when the going gets tough.

The patient has a vital role to play in the effectiveness of the hypnotic gastric band. The responsibility of a patient does not just end by accepting to undergo the hypnotherapy procedure but also trying as much as possible to make permanent changes to their eating habits. While the hypnotic gastric band can work miracles in treating your overeating habit, it can also fail once you give in to your cravings for food. We suggest you complement the action of your wonders, the hypnotic gastric band can perform with your willingness to tackle your eating habits.

Results from several studies have shown that hypnosis can serve as an effective method of bringing about weight loss, most especially when it is combined with other forms of treatment techniques such as homeopathy, herbology, and acupuncture.

Gastric Band Hypnosis

How to improve the effectiveness of Hypnosis for gastric band

To improve the efficacy of the hypnotic gastric band in treating your obesity, we suggest you take note of the following;

  1. Observe your eating habits: the effectiveness of the hypnotic gastric band solely lies in your ability to take care of your eating habits. The more you eat, the more your chances of becoming obese. Keep an eye on your eating habits and make vital decisions on how to tackle them accordingly.
  2. Seek psychological help: overcoming your eating habits may be as hard as quitting drugs. We suggest you seek psychological assistance from a certified psychologist.
  • Be determined: you need to condition your mind to be ready for a change. Your body is already used to overeating, and it will take more than deciding to take care of the condition.

Who is the right candidate for the Hypnotic gastric band?

Due to the risks involved in carrying out bariatric surgery, there is generally a limited category of people who are qualified to undergo the surgical procedures. This includes those who are morbidly obese with a BMI (body mass index) of 40 and above, those whose BMI records up to 35 to 40 and also have serious weight-related challenges, and those suffering from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. These and many more risks are what identify the hypnotic gastric band as one of the best treatments for obesity. It does not discriminate among individuals as it has a large heart to accommodate all those who are planning to lose weight. All you need to do is to locate a professional who is trained in the hypnotic gastric band.

In comparison with Gastric mind band procedures, which were developed by hypnotists Martin and Marion Shiron, the hypnotic gastric band is a combined treatment that includes not just processes of hypnotherapy but also a combination of the following components;

  • An Auricular Acupuncture aimed at controlling appetite.
  • A holistic diagnostic procedure aimed at revealing the initial cause of obesity. Most often than not, obesity may be caused by a combination of other factors apart from overeating.
  • The use of homeopathic remedies for endocrine disorders, which may lead to overeating and obesity.


The use and acceptance of the hypnotic gastric band are still growing, and with more research, it is believed that the challenges encountered during the treatment of obesity will soon be a thing of the past. If you still have a question, does hypnosis for weight loss workread more about the uniqueness and effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss, or just contact Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic to schedule an appointment for an initial free phone consultation with Dr. Tsan.

Virtual gastric band in Philadelphia

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  • High Insulin Secretion
  • Low Response to Fullness
  • High Response to Food Cues
  • Binge Eating or Food Addiction
  • Activity Avoidance or Rest Seeking

During the treatment at the Philadelphia Weight Loss Clinic, patients undergo the following diagnostic and treatment procedures:

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